Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trouble in ADFW

Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale is a nice, suburban/rural riding just west of Hamilton. It contains one of the most idyllic towns in Canada - Dundas, Ontario - and is represented by Conservative MP David Sweet. It used to be represented by Liberal MP Russ Powers, and before that, Liberal-MP-turned-Conservative-MP John Bryden. This election cycle, the local Liberals scored a huge victory in getting former CHCH News anchor Dan McLean as a candidate - and then it all went to hell.

As of yesterday, McLean is no longer the candidate, quitting for what was called "personal reasons." I don't wish to speculate what those personal reasons could be, but I could take a guess as to some of the less personal reasons.

You see, according to the rumour mill, which I can't verify at the moment, when McLean signed on, it didn't end up as a very nice partnership. The ADFW riding association, of whose members I've had the pleasure of meeting several times, was not very happy with McLean, mostly because he never actually listened to them. I may be confusing some things, of which I would welcome correction, but the riding association had quite a few resignations because of it. McLean went off on his own while the riding association sort of drifted, maybe not directionless, but without a real voice with McLean. This promptly caused some problems, understandable to be sure.

Whether or not I have the details right, there has been some disgruntled voices from ADFW on the matter. McLean hasn't been a very good candidate. He was (and still is) supportive of Ignatieff and the Liberal leadership, but the local association just didn't seem to take.

I suppose in fairness, McLean was acclaimed back when we had a near death experience in 2009, and I'd really question the preparedness of the riding association to work things out with McLean beforehand. But, wouldn't that be the fault of the leadership who asked associations to rush nominations through?

I don't know, I only wanted to bring this to people's attention. ADFW will no doubt find another candidate, maybe even more suitable. But, perhaps we should learn from the current disaster, before they - or any association, for that matter - decides to follow the same path.

As I said, if anyone would like to correct the record, please do so. I don't want to claim truth when all I know is rumours.


  1. Heard that McLean wants to run for mayor of Hamilton so that's the main reason why he left.

  2. That's always a possibility, but eh, I wouldn't say his chances are very good.