Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NS by-elections: Dexter's downfall

Tonight, there will be the results of two provincial by-elections in the great province of Nova Scotia: Yarmouth and Glace Bay.

Nova Scotia's affable Dipper Premier Darrell Dexter better be crossing his fingers tonight that the NDP pull off a good showing in at least Glace Bay, where they got nearly 40% of the vote last time. Yarmouth is less friendly.

Be on the lookout for a strong Liberal vote in both ridings. Glace Bay used to be held by Liberal MLA Dave Wilson, but Yarmouth was held by Richard "the frugal MLA" Hurlburt, a Tory member who resigned over the expenses scandal (Wilson may have, may have not - no one really knows). Yarmouth may prove to be interesting for the Liberals, much like Inverness did in the last series of by-elections.

These by-elections will be a barometer for the love Nova Scotians have still for this young NDP government. Dexter is already falling behind Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil in popularity, so tonight could prove to be the first nail in the NS NDP's coffin.

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