Monday, June 28, 2010

Now the Smoke Clears

In the aftermath of the weekend from Hell for Torontonians, what exactly have we accomplished?

- A voluntary, non-committal set of deficit reduction targets that we know for a fact most countries can't even begin to reach

- An ambiguous "bank tax if necessary, but not necessarily bank tax" declaration that made Harper's bellowing of the evil bank tax a complete fraud

- Another commitment to continuing trade deals, pushing the deadline even farther back, again

- A meeting with the big 8 and 20 international leaders that accomplished little on human rights, climate change, security, and, well, anything

- The globalist side of Stephen Harper, who seemed to be channeling that evil socialist-separatist lover Paul Martin

Yes, the billion dollars is truly justified when you look at the big picture. Torontonians are of course "safe," though in my mind, they would've been a helluva lot safer if the G20 never came to their city.

This really has been a big waste of our time. I think the G20 is a good institution, one that can advance and set proper agendas - we witnessed it in London last year - so it isn't as if I think the G20 needs to be disbanded or something, like some. But Harper's hosting of this meeting has come to naught, except maybe a profitable deal with India that could have been done without treating Torontonians to mayhem. It's a waste of a billion dollars, and a waste of our time, effort and tax dollars.

And whether you agree with me or not, Mr. Harper shares a lot of the blame for what happened in Toronto this weekend. We, whether Liberals or not, need to keep the channel on Harper's folly. If he deserves to go down for anything, let this be it.

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