Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Liberal, NDP insiders talk merger - Kinsella


I hope to all hell this is just a CBC narrative and Mr. Kinsella was misquoted.


  1. This would be such a stupid idea! Do these people remember post 1993 when there wasn't a divided right and minorities were rare? The Liberals just need to win back some Quebeckers and Dippers not get rid of the party. As Ignatieff said it's "absurd".

  2. I agree, 100%, and I personally wonder if Warren is just haggling for some media attention. But, you've got to wonder...

    What's scarier is that CuriousityCat agrees, and I never agree on anything that comes out from there (in regards to coalitions/accords).

  3. One has to keep their Party name, somehow. I sure do not want to get rid of the Liberal name, after over 100 years..Harper trashed the PCs.

  4. I guess you realized I meant pre 1993 and not post.