Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Say No

... to a merger.

This, if true, has to be the single worst idea to come out of the Liberals that I've ever seen. I would be less offended by a policy aimed at blending kittens.

Whether or not its true, though, I encourage everyone to "just say no." Not at this point in the game. We're far from out yet people are calling it already. What the fuck, guys? Have you lost your minds?

Maybe the "Liberal Democrats" would end up with good policies. Maybe they'd end up with amazing policies. But why exactly can we not do that in the here and now, with our current party? Why must we run behind a new banner with a fourth party in order to show that we have good ideas? It's nothing but a path to an "easy street" - and no one knows where it'll lead down! It's ridiculous. It's ludicrous. It's idiotic. And we need to just say no.

Maybe sometime down the road we can do this. At the point where we can come together in a situation to talk, not out of panic, but in a mature, stable setting, where its a clear cut benefit to both parties. But not now. This will only lead down to the path of failure if we do it now.

I joined the Liberals because I believed in Liberal principles. Because I saw a strong party with good ideas and great conviction. It means a lot to me that I can be apart of it, and help work to spread its ideals either canvassing on the street or out in the blogosphere. But if this is true, then all that's left apparently is a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. Why? Because they clearly don't need them for ideas like this. It's panic and searching blindly for a way to take down an opponent who can't reach majority territory. It's depressing. And I'll fight tooth and claw against it.

That's why, again, I encourage people to just say no. Not now. Maybe not ever.


  1. I'm wondering if this was a strategic leak to see peoples' reactions. The story is so vague

  2. You know, I've wondered the same thing. But, the fact is, there is so much crap going around right now about merger this, coalition that, etc. The chances of it not being purposeful are pretty high. And even if it is, clearly they're thinking about it, and that's still a no go.

  3. It's so hard to know for sure what's right here. But one thing's for sure. Harper may dirty his fake lake hearing about this. And that could never be a bad thing.
    But I honestly think this is merely a testing of the waters. If there is a backlash they can pretend the "secret talks" never happened.

  4. That is very true. But then Kinsella would be the fall guy. Which brings me to another point, one that I mentioned on Jeff Jedra's blog - what is Kinsella's angle on this?

  5. Maybe some revenge on Ignatieff? I'm just totally guessing now. I'm still in a shock that it is a top story right now. I hope there is no harm in seriously talking. If what I read about the NDP wanting to shift to the centre is true, then that could change things. But do people know about that shift? I doubt it. It's sure not simple math here. If it does happen I hope the libs get to run the purse while the NDP takes social issues. I know it's not this simple, but since everyone gets to speculate.

  6. Merge!!
    put an end to all the tom foolery and hocus shmocus
    get on with things needed for Canada and Canadians
    Progressives United
    without a merger it will be just more of the same and wev are fedup with the nonsense

  7. @TheDude,

    I would prefer the Liberals run both social and economic policy, though I suppose the latter is where most differences exist.

    As for the NDP going "centrist," I wouldn't necessarily say the same "centrist" you and I talk about, is the "centrist" they talk about. Only one leader has tried to push the party to our "center," and it nearly cost her her job - namely Alexa McDonough. The unions hated it. Jack Layton's "centrism" isn't like McDonough's, so...


    I agree that the tom foolery needs to end, but the Liberal-NDP merger wouldn't do that. If anything, it'll create more of it. The Liberals can fix themselves, by themselves - we don't need to destroy the party to fix it.