Monday, June 28, 2010

It's time we had a referendum on the monarchy

I'm not a republican - far from it actually. I think the monarchy in Canada is a pretty interesting thing, maybe a "relic of our past," but is it not that past which makes up the Canada we have today? I mean, even if we do change to a republican system, nothing much will change. The Prime Minister won't give up his powers, and all we get to do is elect someone to a purely ceremonial position. Woot.

But, that is besides the point. The monarchy is clearly not getting rousing support in Canada. Most probably don't care one way or the other. There are no large republican movements, like what you have in Australia or New Zealand, but there is also nothing around that really keeps up support for our royals. This is a problem; the monarchy is a big part of the Canadian system of governance, and we can't have citizens feeling apathetic about it.

So I'll say it loud and clear: we need a referendum on the place of the monarchy in Canada. Even if its just to stir up some interest. Better now than later. I know what side I'm on, at least.


  1. For one thing, a referendum would stir up both the Constitution and the Supreme Court.etc, etc....... I do not want to live in a Republic like the USA

  2. 1. There are many advantages to Constitutional monarchy - especially a truly non partisan head of state.
    2. In Australia a republic referendum held in 1999 was rejected by the Australian people and all of Australia's states, and 76% of electorates. Only some time back, this year, the Parliament of New Zealand rejected a republican bill.
    3. A national referendum on the Canadian monarchy will not simply do. Under the Canadian Constitution, any changes to, and therefore abolishment of, the Canadian Crown, requires the complete and total consent of the Federal Parliament and the Legislatures of ALL 10 Provinces. Impossible.

  3. I agree that the monarchy is important - so trust me, I don't want to get rid of her.

    But, I think a referendum, formal or informal, should be propositioned. It is something that Canadians should get involved in. We're apathetic about our monarchy, and about our country in general - why not do something to get people at least interested in it?

  4. before there is a dicission on the monarchy canada as well as britain australia and new zealand need to reform their own constitution like voting system and parliaments first then have a referendum on the commonwealth and monarchy