Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The good guys won!

Drum roll please....

The clear winners of the June 22nd by-elections in Nova Scotia are.... Stephen McNeil's Liberals!

And the losers are... well, take-your-pick.

The preliminary (yet final, as far as I can tell) results of the two by-elections in Yarmouth and Glace Bay showing the Liberals running away with the vote.

First in Glace Bay, a seat they previously held, where candidate Geoff MacLellan won with 54% of the vote, as compared to the NDP candidate Myrtle Campbell's 31.5%, Tory Michelle Wheelhouse 10.5%, and the rest going to an independent and the somewhat-libertarian-but-maybe-not Atlantica Party. The Greens did not field a candidate.

In Yarmouth, a seat previously held by Tory MLA Richard Hurlburt, who managed 64% of the vote in 2009, Liberal candidate Zach Churchill won the seat with a convincing 50.3% of the vote, compared to Tory candidate Charles Crosby's 33.2%. The NDP candidate, who ran in 2006 and ended up second, ended up fourth behind an independent candidate. Green Party leader John Percy managed 49 votes.

As I thought - Liberal sweep. The unpleasant NDP government loses votes and prestige, while the directionless PCs can't manage to scrap a respectable showing, even in their own riding.

The NDP, the PCs and the Greens should all be worried right now. Congrats NS Liberals! I look forward to seeing Stephen McNeil as Premier in three years!

Results here.

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