Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aussie gets its first lassie

In what truly has amounted to a spectacular fall from grace, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia, who led the Labour Party to a stunning victory in 2007 against the John Howard Neocons/"Liberals", has been usurped by his deputy party leader Julia Gillard after a surprise leadership vote which saw Rudd drop out because he feared an embarrassing result.

Not as cool as Canadian coup d'etats, but all in all, very interesting. It comes on the hells of several polls, which show Rudd's - sorry, Gillard's - Labour Party falling behind the Opposition Liberals/Nationals in a two-way result.

Rudd's failure to keep his caucus' support has been mostly because of a perceived cowardice on his part in regards to his shelved environmental plan, which was a key part of the platform he came on. There are also other reasons, but his failure to really be Prime Ministerial, and soggy poll numbers, led to this.

Interestingly, its not too long after another coup d'etat which occurred in the Liberals/Nationals, who have really turned themselves around.

Will this save Labour? Eh, possibly. I wouldn't bet any money on it, though. Let's see how things look after the honeymoon with Gillard. If they do pull it off, it'll be quite an amazing feat. I hope they do, only because Tony Abbott is-an-idiot.


  1. Australia, it's "Sheila", not lassie.

  2. Haha, thanks Bill. Ill remember that for next time.