Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Freefall

The federal Greens are having some issues, apparently.

The Green's"governing council" - probably similar to a National Executive, or something - are apparently voicing some issues over Elizabeth May, one going as far as to say "This is now the 'Elizabeth May Party of Canada.' Get used to it."

There were some hints of internal issues before, but now its starting to come a little more into the light. The Greens are not ideologically coherent - there are some different factions. There are social democrats, there are "green libertarians," and there has been speculation of Progressive Conservatives boarding ship. So, the differences in opinion are understandable. And May taking control, possibly avoiding a leadership review and election... I can understand why members are a little miffed. May doesn't seem to be a unifying figure, and I don't see the different ideological factions supporting her completely.

What implications could this have for a federal election, though? What if May lost her leadership post? I doubt its likely, but you never know...

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