Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Join NDP to Do Nothing At All

I'm getting a little sick of these signs and placards waving around saying the immortal yet simple lines of "Join NDP - Stop HST."

It isn't because I'm so necessarily pumped up about the HST, but its because the NDP isn't telling the truth, because the NDP can do nothing to stop the implementation of the HST.

They're not in government in either province or federally, nor are they in a position of power in either province or federally. The best they can do is stall, but do they expect to stall it for the next two years?

So saying that by joining the NDP, you can stop the HST!, you're committing outright fraud. The NDP cannot stop it, and they're hopeless to try, and Jack, Carole and Andrea all know this. It isn't as if they're going to repeal the legislation if either of those Three Stooges get into power anyways - they'll say that by then, its too integrated and it would be so harmful to unravel the process already. Better yet, ask them why they're not asking Premier Dexter in Nova Scotia to reverse the HST. I mean, they're sooo against it, you know? You'd expect some form of consistency from a party that claims they're not like the two old-line parties.

Yet, it appears consistency isn't a virtue in Dipper-topia.

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