Monday, November 23, 2009

My Thoughts on Janine Kreiber

The buzz recently is all about her recent Facebook post, which unfortunately I'm unable to see since it was taken down. Needless to say, it tore in to Ignatieff and the Liberal Party establishment, and seems like a foreword in her eventual book about her switch to the NDP, Bloc, or Conservatives - whatever party she new deems has "integrity," even though you'll never find one, anywhere. Those that supported the Reformers learned that with time.

But even though it seems her post was mostly nuttery from what has been described, she probably did bring up quite a few good points. The takedown of her husband, Stephane Dion, is one, for that truly was shameful, even if needed. Her point that the Liberals went from stability in the polls under Dion, to 23% under Ignatieff, is a stupid one - Dion brought us down to 23% and lower, especially during the Coalition Crisis, of which she makes a point about from what I've heard. She also lamented about the party establishment, and questioned whether there was a party that had real integrity.

All in all, Madame Kreiber is a respected political scientist and, when I saw and talked to her during a rally in 2008, a very nice woman. But she is simply playing a role in the giant political machinations that go on in Ottawa, as others have done before her. I call this role "the doubter," and there have been ones in every party, during every era. For example:

- In 2000, after his resignation, former NDP Premier Roy Romanow suggested that the federal NDP should merge with the Liberals, as the party was no longer viable or worth the time many put into it.

- In 2005, Tory Premier Ralph Klein predicted that Stephen Harper, who lost the 2004 election, would against lose to Paul Martin's Liberals because, he said, Canadians perceive Harper to be too far to the right.

- In 2009, Stuart Hertzog, a long-time Green Party supporter, challenged Elizabeth May for the nomination in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, claiming that the federal party was funnelling funds illegally to support her campaign and other assorted things, directly questiong where the party's integrity stood.

And while I cannot currently find anything for the Bloc, given their recent and past distresses over establishment and polling, I'm fairly certain there are some doubters among them.

Kreiber isn't different from anyone else who has doubts about the party - except that she is the wife of a leader who got turfed. I think she is a little more bitter about things than she would like to admit, and that might be the main motivation, rather than any real concern over the party's direction and well-being.

Because if Madame Kreiber was really that concerned, she wouldn't seemingly be abandoning the party - she would work to fix it, and possibly grow up. But, that is just my view.

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